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Services of DNA analyses

BIOMICs Research Group provides DNA analysis services to other researchers, companies and private individuals. The main areas of DNA analyses are Forensics Genetics, Biomedicine and Education and Outreach.

Particularly, BIOMICs is one of the most relevant National Forensic Genetic laboratories. The researcher's expertise and the quality controls (GHEP-ISFG Quality Control 2020) obtained by the laboratory ensure the confidence of the results.

Forensic Genetics
  • Kinship analyses

The most common biological parentage testing are paternity tests, which can be carried out through the analysis of the alleged father-mother-child, or only the alleged father-child, and even in the absence of the father, as occurs in post-mortem paternity tests. These tests are usually carried out both in the case of alleged children and if they have reached legal age of majority.
BIOMICs carries out these analyses at the request of the administration of justice or private individual requests.

  • Human remains identification
  • Lactose intolerance

BIOMICs Research Group has designed a "genetic lactose intolerance test" kit. The kit, which is low-cost, non-invasive and easy to use, allows the analysis of the main genetic variants that confer genetic tolerance to lactose. The results facilitate the choice of a personalised consumption of dairy products.

Education and outreach
  • Training courses

Announcements of new courses will be published here:

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