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Transversal epigenetics


In addition to classic search approach of genetic variability in cases and control groups, currently Biomics is exploring other variations of the genome, including epigenetic and miRNoma variations. These agents show great flexibility and responsiveness, so their study may lead to answers regarding the development of diseases related to lifestyle subjects, as well as the interrelation of progressive changes such as increased oxidative stress or proinflammatory factors with late onset diseases.


Publications (last 10 years):

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1. Kleinbielen, T., Olasagasti, F., Azcarate, D., Beristain, E., Viguri-Díaz, A., Guerra-Merino, I., García-Orad, Á., & de Pancorbo, MM. (2022). In silico identification and in vitro expression analysis of breast cancer-related m6A-SNPs. Epigenetics, 17(13), 2144–2156.

2. Kleinbielen, T., Hernández-Sierra, MP., Prieto-Fernández, E., Olasagasti, F., Sevillano, R., de Pancorbo, MM. (2019). NOS1AP SNPs related to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome. Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series, 7(1), 569 - 571.

3. Marqueta-Gracia, JJ., Álvarez-Álvarez, M., Baeta, M., Palencia-Madrid, L., Prieto-Fernández, E., Ordoñana, JR., de Pancorbo, MM. (2018). Differentially methylated CpG regions analyzed by PCR-high resolution melting for monozygotic twin pair discrimination. Forensic Science International Genetics, 37, e1-e5.

4. Setién-Olarra, A., Bediaga, NG., Acha-Sagredo, A., Marichalar-Mendia, X., de Pancorbo, MM., Aguirre-Urizar, JM. (2016). Genomewide miRNA profiling of oral lichenoid disorders and oral squamous cell carcinoma. Oral Diseases, 22(8), 754-760.

5. Bediaga, NG., Beristain, E., Calvo, B., Viguri, MA., Gutierrez-Corres, B., Rezola, R., Ruiz-Diaz, I., Guerra, I., de Pancorbo, MM. (2016). Luminal B breast cancer subtype displays a dicotomic epigenetic pattern. SpringerPlus, 5, 623.

6. Bediaga, NG., Marichalar-Mendia, X., Aguirre-Urizar, JM., Calvo, B., Echebarria-Goicouria, MA., de Pancorbo, MM., Acha-Sagredo, A. (2014). Global DNA methylation:  uncommon event in oral lichenoid disease. Oral Disease, 20(8), 821-6.

​7. Fernandez-Jimenez, N., Castellanos-Rubio, A., Plaza-Izurieta, L., Irastorza, I., Elcoroaristizabal, X., Jauregi-Miguel, A., Lopez-Euba, T., Tutau, C., de Pancorbo, MM., Vitoria, JC., Bilbao, JR. (2014). Coregulation and modulation of NFκB-related genes in celiac disease: uncovered aspects of gut mucosal inflammation. Human Molecular Genetics, 23(5), 1298-310.

Congress contributions (last 10 years):

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III International Symposium Advances in Oral Cancer

Leioa, Spain

18-19 November 2010

        Acha-Sagredo, A., Bediaga, NG., Martínez de Pancorbo, MA., Echebarria, MA., Aguirre, JM.

        DNA global hypomethylation in oral lichenoid disease.



        Acha-Sagredo, A., Bediaga, NG., Martínez de Pancorbo, MA., Echebarria, MA., Aguirre, JM.

        DNA global hypomethylation in oral lichenoid disease.

        Oral communication

2nd World Congress of the International Academy of Oral Oncology (IAOO)

Toronto, Canada


Acha-Sagredo, A., Marichalar, X., Rey, N., Martinez de Pancorbo, MA., Echebarria, MA., Aguirre, JM.

Hypermethylation of genes p14ARF, p16INK4a and MGMT on oral scrapings of patients with oral lichenoid disease.

Published in Oral Oncology Supplement 2009; 3(1): 159-160




XI Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Oral y IX Reunión de la Academia Iberoamericana de Patología Y Medicina Bucal

Córdoba, Spain

19-22 October 2011

Acha-Sagredo, A., Bediaga, NG., Rey-Barja, N., Marichalar-Mendia, X., Martínez de Pancorbo, MA., Aguirre-Urizar, JM.

Nivel de metilación global en muestras citologicas de desordenes orales potencialmente malignos.

X Congreso Nacional e Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Oral

Cádiz, Spain


Acha-Sagredo, A., Marichalar-Mendia, X., Rey-Barja, N., Rodríguez-Tojo, MJ., Martínez de Pancorbo, MA., Aguirre-Urizar, JM.

Alteraciones epigenéticas por hipermetilación en muestras citológicas orales de pacientes con liquen plano.

Oral communication

Published in Medicina Oral, Patología Oral y Cirugía Bucal 2009; Suplemento: 20

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